True View Education Ministries started as a Ten Principles of True Education class in 2017. It began with a simple Facebook post from Shermaine Wilson in 2016 asking for an online class to learn more about the Ten Principles of True Education. Andrea Hall saw the post and wanted to learn more too so she responded. These two young ladies didn’t know anything about Ten Principles and how to start so they reached out to a Sonlight Education Ministries counselor, Yolanda Pugh.

It was here that Andrea asked Yolanda to lead an online class on the Ten Principles of True Education. Yolanda was a little reluctant having never done an online class like this before. Andrea indicated that she was an online math teacher by profession and designed curriculum all the time. She volunteered to do the syllabus and handle all the technical elements if Yolanda would teach the class. Yolanda agreed.

It was also during this time that Sandy Hawthorne and Andrea Hall were starting to pray with each other in the morning. Andrea then suggested we focus the prayer line on the Ten Principles of True Education and asked Sandy if she would lead out. Sandy agreed.

For that first year Sandy lead the prayer line by herself faithfully every day (and may times alone). Yolanda did bi-weekly Friday Periscope sessions and Andrea handled the technical elements of the ministry. We had over 50 registrants.

We did the Ten Principles of True Education again in 2018 and had over 300 registered.

In 2019 we studied Child Guidance and our ministry has grown to over 700 participants!

This was when we decided that we were more than just the Ten Principles of True Education. We desired to share the principles of true education as outlined in the Bible as well as provide families with a true view of what God desires for the education of our families.

Together with our prayer line leaders: Andrea, Antoinette, Arlete, Kinya, Priscilla, Sandy, Shanae, and Yolanda we mapped out our vision and mission for the ministry and in 2020 officially formed as True View Education Ministries.

Our specific purpose shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • to do service for God.
  • to work for the uplifting of humanity from the degradation of sin.
  • to provide training to help bring about unity and order in families so they may represent the family of heaven.
  • to study of the Inspired writings of Ellen White.
  • to provide opportunities for families to grow and interact through Bible study, book clubs and family retreats.