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Our Beginnings

True View Education Ministries started as a Ten Principles of True Education class in 2017. It began with a simple Facebook post from Shermaine Wilson in 2016 asking for an online class to learn more about the Ten Principles of True Education. Andrea Hall saw the post and wanted to learn more too...


Adventist Online Academies

Adventist Online Academies Thinking about homeschooling but you need support? Here are some online Adventist academies that may help. You have Griggs International Academy at Here are some online Adventist (or at least in principle) Academies that are also...



Welcome All my life I thought the purpose of education was to work hard in school so I could get a good job and live a good life. In other words I thought that the purpose of education was to get the best job so I could build my mansion here on earth. I could not have been more wrong. The...